Hello Dr. Kraus,

Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your support, care, and oversight during my pregnancy. Words can’t come close to how joyful I am. Below is my review, I hope it helps your website and helps another woman who may have a similar experience.


After going through a very traumatic birth with my first born resulting in needing an emergency c-section, I knew when I got pregnant again that I needed to do more research to find the perfect provider. After extensive research, I found Dr. Kraus and her team which have one of the highest success rates for VBACs. From day one, I shared with her all my fears, my hopes, and my concerns about having my VBAC. She was 100% supportive, caring, professional, and kind throughout the entire process. My dream was to be able to have my daughter as a VBAC, and Dr. Kraus helped make that dream come true! After not feeling respected by other providers and other hospitals, it meant the world to me to have an OB who advocates for you and truly listens. The entire staff at Southwest were the most caring and kind nurses I’ve ever had! Today I can say I am the happiest woman alive to be able to share that I had one of the most enjoyable, exhilarating, and miraculous births with my daughter. I will never recommend anyone else other than Dr. Kraus to all my friends and family looking for an OBGYN who truly cares and respects you. Thank you again for supporting me through one of the best days of my life!